Get to Know the Best of Fashion in Christian Hip-Hop

Forgiven Boutique

Forgiven Boutique’s founder, Hector Orama, believes that when people see the word “Forgiven” on a shirt or hat he is wearing, it can cause people to think,

“You know what, maybe I need to forgive somebody or maybe I need to forgive myself.”

Orama started Forgiven Boutique after a dream he had in which he says God told him to start a website and make a shirt. “I started making a T-Shirt and it was one of our number one shirts.”

Through his apparel he wants to communicate that no one is perfect and that Jesus forgives everyone. What drives him to continue his work is that people are able to minister to others through conversations started about the apparel he creates.

You may have seen some of your favorite rappers wearing a shirt or hat with the word “Forgiven” on it. Hector believes that the momentum of Christian hip-hop artists wearing his apparel, starting with Json and Andy Mineo, is a result of them making a good product that is relevant to culture. “A lot of them support me and like what the brand does.”

Hector Orama says that Forgiven Boutique likes sports, hip-hop, and Jesus, and attempts to mix all of those elements into their apparel.

Orama designs his products with his friend Paul of Inkwell Creative, a graphic design company. They get together and design clothes by collection, and then release collections seasonally.

“One collection we did a baseball theme. We dropped a baseball jersey and we did a whole bunch of baseball pieces.” With that line they wanted to show “What would a forgiven baseball team wear?”

Many of Forgiven Boutique’s shirts have centuries old art on them, such as the one pictured, and Orama says that is how they mix street wear with Christianity. “A lot of people used to wear pictures on their shirts of rappers, of money, or different items. That was a type of style T-Shirt. We found some biblical pictures and implemented them. We threw some of our favorite characters from the bible and did that same style of shirt.”

Some of his shirts simply say, “Be Forgiven.” Orama says that many people hold on to anger against other or themselves, and they need to forgive. He hopes that someone seeing this shirt will think about how they need forgiveness in their life.

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