Get to Know the Best of Fashion in Christian Hip-Hop

116 Limited

Photo by Ray Neutron.

How did you begin with the apparel line?

116 Limited is a subscription T-Shirt service. The whole thought behind it is our way of bringing people new versions of the 116 logo. The aim of it is to celebrate the design. The 116 logo is a conversation starter and the [116] Limited line gives people a constant and steady stream of fresh tee shirts so they can have fun telling the story and repping 116. We want to bring in an element of surprise, each month you don’t know what your going to get, similar to a magazine subscription. It’s also our way of celebrating the design community because each month we work with a different designer.

How would you describe your clothing and apparel?

If Reach Records is the music of a movement, then 116 is the outfitter of the movement. We seek to be authentic and progressive in the design and the approach to each line or each collection that we roll out. We aren’t in the business of mass producing commodities. The garments and type faces we use we try to select those things with care because we love good work and good design. We try to be thoughtful in the message we display and we try to reflect God’s heart for the climate we are in.

Each month a different person creates the design for your shirts. How do you select the designers?

Our lead designer Caleb Davis selects designers he thinks can fit the bill. Each month he’s committed to searching out the best portfolios in the design community, reaching out to individuals he thinks can bring something new, and collaborating with them to make the designs you see each month.

Do you have a mission/goal for your work? If so, what is it?

The mission is to change the way people see the world and to challenge peoples’ basic assumptions. That speaks to our two-fold approach. We want our clothing to interest people and engage people in the narrative of [the] creation, fall and redemption. At the same time we want to produce thoughtful consumers and we do that by being selective with our goods. A lot of people don’t understand why a garment fits or feels the way it does, and we want to make people discerning on how they make those choices – whether you buy from us or somebody else you become a more discerning consumer.

What can people expect from you in 2017?

More exploration. We want to experiment with different fits, different garments, different technology, and more variations on staples of the brand. We’ll offer more selections in the red label line and we definitely plan to do more collaborations with designers and brands that we feel align with one or both of the pegs of our mission.

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