Gerry Skrillz Announces New EP ‘PRAY FOR ME’

Gerry Skrillz Pray for Me EP cover art

gerry skrillzDie Daily artist Gerry Skrillz released the cover art, track listing, promo video, and official pre-order for his highly anticipated EP ‘Pray for Me.’

The San Diego emcee did not show any fear tapping into one of the darkest moments in his life, that ultimately lead him to once and for all fully surrender his life to God. The EP is filled with glimpses of the emptiness that consumed Gerry after turning away from God and that destroyed the relationships with those he loved. In the title track “Pray for Me,” Gerry asks the question, “When I’ve used up all my chances and I don’t deserve your love; will you pray for me?”

The project is however refreshed by a renewed mindset with songs like “Light Work” and “I’m On One” that reflect the San Diego emcee’s heart to fill the lost and oppressed with hope. Incredible production and features from Jarry Manna, Joey Jewish, and Drew Weeks; are the perfect complement to make this a work of art with true playback value. The EP is scheduled for release on February 16, 2018.

Link to iTunes Pre-Order

Link to YouTube Pray For Me Trailer

****EP Official Release is scheduled for February 16th, 2018****


  1. New Phone (feat Jarry Manna)

Produced by Soundnami & Josiah Beats

  1. Im On One

Produced by Josiah Beats

  1. Light Work (feat Joey Jewish)

Produced by Wontel

  1. Ride Slow

Produced by Wontel

  1. Pray for Me

Produced by Wontel

  1. Surrender (feat Drew Weeks)

Produced by Halo Hitz

  1. Dry Land (feat RP Tha Chozen 1)

Produced by Soundnami

Executive producer: Gerry Skrillz

Mixing by: Skyler Young

Mastered by: Skyler Young

Art direction: RJV Collectives

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