A Fat Chance – @SicilyRWZ Conversation W/ @Jblaze305

Jblaze305 talks to hip-hop artist, Sicily, about the issue of weight, being picked on as a child, addiction of food, understanding the problem, and fighting for solutions. The conversation turns real as they talk about something a lot of people hate to talk about.

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    jewish or christian? lol jewish is not an ethnic background

    • SICILY

      It actually is. Judaism is the religion. Being Jewish is a race. The US is the only country who does not consider Jewish people a race.

      • Davis Absolute

        Ethnically Jewish (considered by the majority) people are not actually jews though. Just to clarify. Jews are of African descent, usually dark skinned with black features.

        • Bloodshed

          Then what are they? I dislike when people come up with such claims but fail to bring facts or even share a link about these claims. Secondly it might seem to some that real jews are of African descent with black features, then what about the promises in the Bible and all the things related to their history and so forth? These things just sort of happened, without God having a say in this? Some people who believe this, believe that Jesus was black and try to convince other people of it, as if that was really true or as if that could be understood from the Scriptures or even history and archeology (thus far). Anyway, focus on your holiness and being right with God, rather than unfruitful discussions that will divide, confuse and lead astray rather than unite.