“There is a lot going on today and social media is helping drive the discussion. People weigh in on the world’s events from many different perspectives. This EP seeks to speak on the things that are near and dear to my heart, filtered through the view of Biblical Scripture. Furthermore, no matter what people post on social media, their true thoughts, feelings, and opinions are represented in their hashtag usage. The hashtag tells you how they really feel. It is my hope that the message of this EP is presented with hashtag clarity.” – F.C. Black

1. HBV – produced by I.B. Dee
2. First Last – produced by Tone Jonez
3. Galaxies Away featuring Tone Jonez – produced by Tone Jonez
4. Law Abiding Citizen – produced by Tone Jonez
5. Youngins’ College
6. Amen – produced by Tone Jonez
7. Avalanche featuring Dre Murray – produced by Tone Jonez

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