Ezekiel Azonwu: Battle Rapper Turned Spoken Word Poet

“Making music is fun for me. Writing, doing things like that, those things are fun.”

Ezekiel Azonwu is a P4CM spoken word poet who grew up and lives in Los Angeles, California. Though he makes music, he primarily considers himself to be a family man. “I’ve been married for almost seven years, have three beautiful daughters, so that’s the part of me that I relate most to.”

Ezekiel has been rapping since he was thirteen years old, but is primarily known for his spoken word. “I do spoken word, I’m also a rapper by trade and I’ve been really focused on doing my spoken word for the past few years but I’m just getting back into the groove of rapping.”

Both of his parents were involved in ministry, so Ezekiel grew up with church. “Prior to college, I lived a life that I would call ‘the almost life’ and that’s where the piece [“Almost Saved”] later came in where people knew me at church as “good old Ezekiel, the guy that helps out in the youth.”

  • Thulani Ndaba

    One day I wanna be on that P4CM stage shredding the mic like you. You’re dope bro. Never let go of that pen!
    God bless you!