Dwight Junior Talks New EP ‘Never What You Ask For’

One thing you may notice looking at the tracklist is that it only includes a single feature. “I have a handful of my friends that have been on my project[s] or have almost been on my project[s], or were talking about doing something [with me], and I love them all a bunch. Those are the people I’ll collaborate with when the time is right.”

“I’m excited to explore a new sound. I have so much different music coming out. I feel like I keep evolving over and over again with every project release. Every release is so different. A lot of people have grabbed this one and said ‘Yo, the music sounds so good, so different. I enjoy this.’”

Dwight Junior says that in the future, he is looking forward to maturing his sound as he goes through life and has different experiences.

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Download Never What You Ask For on SoundCloud.