Dwight Junior Talks New EP ‘Never What You Ask For’

“Dunbar Kid” is the third song on Never What You Ask For, and to understand the song, you need to have an understanding of what Dunbar, West Virginia is like. It is a place that was in its prime about 100 years ago, at the peak of the coal and logging industries in West Virginia. Now it is well past its peak. “It is one of those cities that [does not have] a lot of development. You’re not going to see big businesses in Dunbar.”

Dwight Junior said that in high school, he would always hang out at friend’s houses or be out playing basketball. “This song was me reflecting on my mom raising me in Dunbar and how she was saying ‘Don’t come in too late. You’re out skateboarding until eleven o’clock at night.’ I was just a hard headed kid. Dunbar was not a place where it made a bunch of spoiled kids.”

“Two Houses” is an analogy talking about how relationships between partners portray themselves on the outside compared to how they actually are on the inside.

“I saw one house that was beautiful on the outside, but had no solid foundation and no solid floors if you walk inside of it. I saw another house that was just a small house, but had all the necessities, and was very well-kept and modeled.”

He says that when approaching relationships with a partner, don’t judge a book by its cover.