DJ’s tend to get overlooked in today’s society.

The spotlight tends to be on an artist. But just like a human body wouldn’t function without a heart, an artist wouldn’t be able to function without a DJ.

Ellie, interviewed and spotlighted both Cho’zyn Boy and DJ4_12, who have been in the CHH industry for a few years. They both discussed how they started DJing for the CHH community, what encourages and discourages within being a CHH DJ, and more.

We also took the time to make a tribute to Nelson “Fish” Chu (DJ Official). Today, August 14th, is a year since his passing. We asked both DJs, what is the biggest lesson you learned from DJ Official after his passing?

Since DJ Official’s death, one way or another the CHH community grew stronger. His death shed light into artist’s lives and reminded us that being a DJ wasn’t just about spinning turn tables, but leaving a legacy, like DJ Official did with his life.

He is truly missed but never forgotten.

RIP DJ Official.

(Pictures by @elpideezy: February 16, 2013 in Houston, Texas – Active Faith [Faith & Family Event])

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