Derek Minor Addressing CHH Beef

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There has been a growing tension among those in CHH for some time now.

It has become very complex, but it generally involves the titles “Christian Rapper” and “Rapper who is Christian.” There have been different points in time within the last few years where differences have turned into arguments. This weekend seems to have been one of those heated times where those on the different sides started taking shots at one another.

Derek Minor of Reflection Music Group didn’t hesitate to use the platform he was given at Legacy Conference this weekend, to address the CHH “Beef” we see happening with our brothers and sisters (See Video Above).

We were even able to catch Derek afterward to talk in more detail about why we need all our brothers and sisters in CHH, and that we have all lost focus of what is truly important. He also gave us some updates with what is happening at RMG and RMG Amplify.

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Facebook: TheDerekMinor
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Instagram: @TheDerekMinor

What are some ways that you feel we can begin to bring healing, humility and begin working together in CHH for the purpose of reaching the lost?