Davis Absolute Talks New EP ‘EDEN’

“One of the coolest stories for me is the Creation account but also the Fall, like what happened after the Fall, what led to the Fall… I think we see remnants of the Fall all the time in our daily life.”

Davis Absolute says that his new project is called EDEN because we can be in unison with God but often choose not to be. Though the title refers to the beginning, much of the album regards the end times.

“We see Adam and we see Eve in our daily walk. We see people presenting us with decisions we can make and things that we can do that we know are contrary to what God has provided and we still partake in that.”

The cover art for EDEN shows a hand reaching out to grab an apple, representing the fruit that Adam and Eve ate from within the garden after being tempted by the serpent.

Absolute has a different music-making process then most others as he does not write and record at the same time. Most of the songs on EDEN were written in 2016. “I let it sit for a while and then when I come to the recording process that’s when I’m kind of like ‘What works? What doesn’t? What makes sense? What doesn’t make sense? From there I build on my initial thoughts.”

“I think “Flood” kind of sets the tone for the whole project. This idea that you are not in a literal flood, but you are still caught in one. The things that we do, the actions that we take, the way that we live our life, we are caught in a flood.”

The bible says that the period of time before the second coming of Christ will be like the days of Noah where almost everyone lived in a state of loving wickedness and sin before the great flood occurred and destroyed the world.

His song “Oz” is talking about greed and has a double meaning. “The wizard of Oz, kind of like the wizard of ounce [abbreviated oz.], [is] kind of like the wizard of gold. Follow this yellow brick road like these golden bars.” Absolute wants people to be wary of our natural desire of greed and make sure that they are not falling into that temptation.

One of the album’s singles “Fly Away” is about clinging onto God to help us endure our lives in this world which is full of conflict. “There’s a beauty in being able to get away from that and into the presence of God.” Absolute says that despite the turmoil in our world, we always have hope that with God the suffering and difficulties that each person faces can be over one day.

“That’s kind of like that moment of realization that we have a hope that is so great.”

The final song on EDEN is called “The Body” and features four artists; Dru Bex, Phil J., Joe Ayinde and Martyr Thompson. It is actually the third song he has made of the same title, as his previous two were very well received. “It’s always really cool to work with a lot of people because they all bring such a unique flavor and style to it.” Absolute wants to remake the song four of five more times; he loves how with each remake he gets to collaborate with other artists he enjoys and may not otherwise have the opportunity to work with.

Outside of music, Absolute has a passion for digital marketing. “I love to build businesses. I love to put my mind and my hands towards something that I can create, whatever that might be.”

You can get EDEN on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. You can also stream it on Spotify.

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