Cruz Cordero Of The Cross Movement Names His Top 10 CM Songs


Cruz Cordero was a key member of two-time GRAMMY-nominated collective The Cross Movement. Cordero not only brought solid rhymes and flows, but he was a person that Latino CHH fans could look up to. Not many Latinos were crafting English Christian Hip Hop lyrics at his level, in The Cross Movement era.

He helped found The Cross Movement in the early ’90s. His impact on the genre shouldn’t be overlooked. As a member of CM, he appeared on classic records like Heavens Mentality, and House Of Representatives. He also featured on The Ambassador’s Christology – In Laymen’s Terms. After Cruz’s run with The Cross Movement, he released some solo tracks and verses on songs by artists like The Ambassador, Shai Linne, Believin Stephen, Urban D, The Tonic, Enock, and more.

Cruz Cordero recently gave his Top 10 Cross Movement Songs. We thought it would be cool to hear some classic CM songs picked by someone who was actually a member of the crew. Cruz Cordero told DaSouth that he still wants to release a solo album but doesn’t have a set date.

Check out Cruz Cordero’s Top 10 CM Songs:

10. Introducin