“We Are City Takers” Movie Premiere

“We Are City Takers” is a documentary directed and filmed by Will Thomas, following a radical, nameless, faceless army of ordinary men and women with no titles before their names, who decided to take the love of Jesus Christ to the streets and be His light in the midst of darkness. This movement of urban missionaries call themselves City Takers and are ambassadors of Christ using Hip-Hop, Love and the message of Jesus Christ to transform cities. They offer a message of hope to the drug addicted, homeless, incarcerated, at-risk youth and urban young adults.

“We Are City Takers” illustrates City Takers’ founder, Scott Free’s past, illuminating his passion for the hopeless and those most ignored and alienated by society. Through various interviews with the urban missionaries of City Takers, we unveil the real problem between the church and urban culture, and discover the effectiveness of the City Takers strategy to Love a City, Draw a City and Build a City.

Will Thomas, an award winning director, was asked to film a short promotional piece for City Takers in 2013.  Once Thomas arrived in Atlanta, and was exposed to the organization and the many facets of the ministry and individuals, he decided he wanted to film a documentary and film it for free.  Will Thomas captures the history and formation of the non-profit’s founder, Scott Free, while weaving in stories of impact and transformation of many involved in the work and programs of the ministry.  

‘We Are CityTakers’ shows how loving, drawing and building people is God’s heart, and that once people have an encounter with Jesus, everything can change.

The documentary, years in the making is NOW making it’s official red carpet premiere in Atlanta on Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 4:30 PM (EDT)

The Plaza Theatre
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306.

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