Bryann Trejo Receives Shortened Jail Term. Out on October 7th.

About a month ago, Christian hip hop artist Bryann Trejo was asked to return to jail to complete a jail sentence regarding a failure to appear for sentencing from crimes he committed some time ago. His “failure to appear” in court happened before he got saved, changed his life, and started his ministry. Bryann admits in a facebook video on July 7th that for much of his life he lived a life of crime. Bryann, and his ministry Kingdom Muzik, has been based on Bryann’s story about the miracle of his life changing. Bryann is one of the busiest Christian hip hop artists in the industry, as his appearances are a powerful display of God’s transforming power, and many people are brought to Christ during his concerts. As a result of his return to prison to serve his time, Kingdom Muzik has offered to refund deposits for anyone who has booked Bryann for the next couple of months.

Yesterday, Bryann’s team gave a report on Facebook saying that the judge decided to give Bryann a reduced sentence to 60 days, which means Bryann will be out of prison on October 7th. In the video report, a Kingdom Muzik representative says that the judge based her decision on the overwhelming amount of support that Bryann received from his fans, who testified to his character and that his life has indeed changed. (These videos are posted from the most recent, and are the most relevant ones in the journey. For a full timeline, visit Kingdom Muzik’s timeline on Facebook.)

Update from August 7th, sentence reduced to 60 days

Update from July 13th

Update from July 9th, when he returned to prison

Announcement from July 7th, Bryann says he’ll be returning to prison