The choice to follow Christ is the most life-changing decision a person can make.  This is especially true as we face conflict, opposition and persecution as believers.  It seems the more we pursue or “chase” God, the more the enemy fights us.  Brinson is no stranger to the good fight of faith, and that is clearly seen in his latest release Until We Meet Again.  He takes us through a transparent look at some of his struggles and battles, while always bringing us back to the truth of scripture.  This album is one that you can hit play on and just ride to allowing the words to seep in deep.  So Until We Meet Again, let’s go.

Brinson comes out bold with “Right Derr”, confidently introducing himself.  If you haven’t heard Brinson’s music before, then this first impression is one of the best you could have with a steady flow and wordplay that is expected from this 5 year veteran.  Teaming up with N8 Music, K-Drama & CStraight, “I’m Feeling It” is like part two of this introduction that really lets you see into the heart of Brinson’s motivation for making music and ministry.

We go from “Dreamin'” about the writing process to a internal dialogue about dealing with doubt and what it feels like when you are one of the “Trees In The Forest”.  When you need someone to be there and it seems like no one is around.  “Who really gonna hear me?”  Betrayal, abandonment and rejection are things we all have faced, are facing or will face.  Brinson’s honesty on this track is refreshing and is a reminder of our humanity.

So Hard” takes the dilemma Brinson talks about in the last track and helps us to mix some truth with it.  Partnering with Von Won, he takes on some of society’s issues of injustice and helps us come back to a biblical perspective and walking in God’s love.  “Schwarzenegger” is a reminder of the promise that Christ gave us in His Word, “I’ll Be Back”.  This is such a great encouragement in the face of the persecution we heard about in “So Hard“, especially since “if we ain’t got Him, we ain’t got nuthin’.”  “X Everything” is a further reminder that in Christ, we are new creations.  If you are feeling discouraged about where you are or where God is leading you, put these three tracks on blast and proclaim “I bought that X”!

Brinson gives us some wisdom with in “Catfish” and “Powerball”.  Dealing with topics like temptation, selfishness, idolatry and how those things lead to death and destruction.  Dre Murray teams up on “Powerball” to talk about the gamble of “trap life”.  “They playing powerball”.

Fedel and Champ Harvey are like a tag team with Brinson on “U C It”.  Letting us know that the favor of the Lord is something that follows those who follow Him.  There’s a change that happens as we continue to be “God Chasers”.  You know it when “U C It”.  “Hands on me” pairs well with “U C It” in that Brinson talks about that as we grow and change, we will make mistakes.  But despite our bad choices and negative circumstances, He will continue to have His hand on us.

As Brinson brings us around the final turn on this album, we get to really see where his heart is as a believer, an artist and a minister.  “Sun Goes Down” is about thinking forward to your last day.  Geena Fontanella lays the chorus of this anthem, partnered by ReadyWriter to proclaim that everything in this life will pass away, so will we make the most of our time in these evil days?  “Sinner’s Prayer” is an awesome segue into the final thoughts of “I Don’t Know Another Way”.  Brinson gives the listener an opportunity to pray a sinner’s prayer for Salvation.  Mixed with the Gospel, we get the thrust of the message of “I Don’t Know Another Way”.  Big Fil brings such a great partnership to this track in the proclamation of “Go on and chase God bruh!”  That is the only way to make the most of your days.  “I Don’t Know Another Way” either.

Regardless of where you may be in the process of walking out your faith or living through the circumstances of life, Brinson brings something to the table that can help us.  We all go through times of hardship, pain, doubt, fear as well as victory, growth, strength and healing.  This album can be a wonderful soundtrack as we walk out each season.  So, Until We Meet Again…



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