Angie Rose Reveals Details For Upcoming EP

Bronx, New York-based emcee Angie Rose released her debut music video, “Wanna Be,” on December 1, 2014. Rose followed up the “Wanna Be” visual with “NYC Cypha.” She is currently generating a buzz as she spits dope verses, performs at different events, and works with JahRock’n, a media company that has production credits on tracks by Andy Mineo, MC Jin, Canon, and Bizzle, among others. The Puerto Rican lyricist is also gearing up to release an EP.

“We just started production so I’m really excited about that. We’re aiming for like [a] May [release date] so that should be good,” Angie Rose said in an interview with Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago.

Angie Rose’s EP is titled Thorns Over Roses. She has revealed the meaning behind the name of her forthcoming project.

“We just actually came up with it. The EP is called Thorns Over Roses, written like a fraction (Thorns/Roses). It’s kind of a play on like the fact that roses are beautiful things but they have thorns attached. Also, just how life is and how we always focus on the bad things, and we don’t see that the good outweighs the bad so that’s why it’s a fraction and the pretty thing is on the bottom.”

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