Andy Mineo – ‘Formerly Known’ Mixtape Review [Released September 29, 2011]


Andy Mineo fka C-Lite decided to leave “lite” on with his music coming out with his mixtape Formerly Known.  This mixtape is awesome not to mention free.  This project is one of my top Christian hip-hop albums of all time.  When I heard the mixtape, it was very easy to relate with songs that I felt catered more towards college students, not to mention that Andy Mineo just graduated from college at the age of 23.  This album features artist like Lecrae, Beleaf of the Breax, Co Campbell, Thi’sl, Eshon Burgundy, Sho Baraka, Swoope, Rich Perez, R-Swift, and Bubba Watson (golfer lol).

Andy Mineo keeps us flowing with this project with sounds like “whoop,” showing us that Christian hip-hop is not lame.  Andy Mineo manages to speak the truth while keeping his listeners entertained with tracks like “Formerly Known,” “Young,” “Let There Be Light,” etc.  “Goodbye” is an awesome song where he is giving a little background on his life, saying things like “sin is wack” which is one of his old mixtapes.  This song is also saying good-bye to the life without Christ!

“Let There Be Light” is a personal favorite which expresses Matthew 5:16.  This song features Lecrae who has an awesome verse!  “Formerly Known” is the theme song of this project stating 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.”  “Pick It Up” has an awesome punch line, “How would face look if Jesus were to scroll through a page on your Facebook?”  This and a few other songs make you really think about life and how we need Christ to pick us up!

“Young” “yeahhhhh it don’t matter if I’m young!”  This is really my theme song!  I had this on repeat!  It highlights Philippians 4:13 and its saying it doesn’t matter if we are young, we can serve God no matter what age we are!  “Every Word” talks about how we sometimes hear from God, but we don’t listen.  This track is also deep because it talks about we choose our needs over God’s will.  “Whats It All About” Makes you wonder why we were created and how we search for answers!  The highlight of the song is “I don’t want a nice job and a ride cause plenty people got that and they committed suicide.”  That is a very hard-hitting track.

“Hello” is another track that breaks down who he used to be and introduces his lifestyle to people who don’t know about him.  “Everyday Thing” tells Christian’s that living for Christ is an everyday thing!  He’s saying that Christian’s have to make sure that we don’t take any days off!  In “Listen,” Andy is telling us that he prays that we listen to the Word because he’s saying faith comes by hearing so we shouldn’t be ignorant to the word of God.  “Fools Gold” talks about how we shouldn’t chase material things but we should chase things that pertain to Christ because these things have eternal meaning!

“Whatever Comes” gets into the meaning of God’s love for us because no matter what happens God is in control!  “Pressure” is a track that college students can relate to the endeavors of college, trying to make your parents happy, and how these things build up pressure.  He says that we should run to God when we feel pressured!  “Michael Jackson” is a fun track talking about our past ways as full time sinners bad real bad Michael Jackson!