AMP: Rallying the Future Generation to Follow Jesus

AMP is a hip-hop group comprised of three Korean-Americans, James Han, aka J. Han, Sam Ock and Chung Lee, known on stage as CL. Their name is an acronym for Anointed Music Production and they are from Maryland, but in 2015 J. Han and Ock moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

“We strive to make music that is accessible yet innovative in the rap genre, existing to encourage the church particularly with music that presents a biblical worldview and inspires people to live in light of that world view.”

Back in 2009, “James posted a video of himself with a couple buddies, kind of like a fun video, a rap video on Facebook and Sam caught wind of it,” says CL. Sam Ock, a musician, was impressed to see his skill, and knowing that he also lived in Maryland, reached out to him online.

CL’s cousin was the youth pastor of J. Han, who introduced them to each other. “I got to meet him when he shared his testimony at the church. James was working on his mixtape, and [for] one of his songs, he was like, ‘Hey, do you want to collaborate with a friend of mine [Sam Ock]?” That’s how they all met, and that initial collaboration led to the song “See You In Heaven.”

Within the next four to five months, they started making music together and formed a group. AMP released their first, self-titled album in May 2010, on which “See You In Heaven” was the ninth of thirteen tracks.