3rd Coast Fiyah with Da South’s DJ D-Lite (October 28, 2016)



(originally aired 9/11/15)
Sky Gandy – The Inside Truth feat. Lamar Cope
C-Micah – Faith Talk feat. Jon Jefferson
Victorious – I Ain’t Gone Break
Fedel – I Will Be
Five2oh – Gave My Life feat. PyRexx
Dee-1 – Call Yo Bluff
Darko – Geppetto feat. Izzy Martin & Stephanie Eckert
Tedashii – Be Me
Bryann T – It’s Time
Eric Heron – Sunset X feat. rxmn & Davis Absolute
Don Cephas – It’s Only Fun
Doxamillion – Watch Me
Charles Goose – Same Accord
Mega Ran – Believe
Gods Vision – Conquer The Day