“In my music I’m very barbaric. The title is Summer Barbarian. I’m very aggressive. I have this warrior mentality. I feel like God created me to be this warrior.”

This warrior mentality guided the tune of the mixtape from YP aka Young Paul. YP’s writing is inspired by his internal thoughts and emotions. “I feel like music is a good outlet to let that all out. It’ll be a remedy for someone else who’s listening to it.”

Summer Barbarian begins with “THE Recipe,” a song addressing social injustice. “I am a victim of police brutality. I’ve gotten beat up by cops. I’ve had cops disrespect me and talk to me in such a way where it’s like, ‘You’re only talking to me like that because you have a badge on your chest.’”

Besides his own experiences, seeing videos of others being brutalized or killed by police inspired him to put it in his pen. YP also addressed what he would say if he could talk to President Trump.

“Even if you say with your mouth you’re not racist, the energy that you’re giving out is divisive… You’re giving people who are racist a voice. They’re feeling empowered.”

“Killer” talks about God’s grace and salvation, and how it is ultimately for the glory of God. “It’s everything that He did… He really sacrificed everything because he believed in the mission that was at hand.” In the song he also talks about how Satan wants to instill fear in people.

“He wants you to fear believing in hope, fear believing in trust, fear believing in love.”

YP notes that though human love is imperfect and can fail, God’s love for us never ceases.

He speaks about feeling mentally and spiritually exhausted on “Half Dead.” “Even though I know I have the victory in Christ, sometimes I feel like I’m losing. Sometimes I feel like I’m being oppressed.” He hopes it’s a universally relatable song.

“I hate what my flesh loves… I do struggle in that arena of lust, sexual immorality.”  In “Getting Out, YP is saying, “I know I have the power in Christ to take down these idols.”

“On His Way” features Merk Montes, Confucious, and Maple Hoodie. “Jesus is on his way.” When all four artists got together in the studio, Montes shared encouraging words to keep following Christ because in time the Lord will return.

“It’s like a proclamation record. I’m from the gutter [and] I speak your language but pay close attention to what I’m saying because we may sound similar, but the context is different. Come bang with us.”

Pretty soon, YP will be releasing an album called Soul in a Shell. The second to last song on Summer Barbarian is called “Corrupt Shell” and was originally intended to be part of the album. The track is very transparent, speaking about the internal battles YP faces on a daily basis. “Our flesh is weak, but our spirit is willing.”

Summer Barbarian concludes with “Kings Hands” featuring Selah the Corner. “I really like the angle that me and Selah took.” Selah the Corner spoke about how he seeks to structure his life around his faith. YP wanted to talk about how people portray their lives as perfect on social media, wearing all the newest and nicest clothes, but “[what’s] inside, they’re not worried about that.”

Outside of music, YP enjoys spending time with his family and friends, barbecues, basketball, and going to the beach.

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You can get or listen to Summer Barbarian here.