Young Noah shared the heart behind his new album in a video posted to Facebook on Monday. His new album is called 7 Hood Dynamics, and the goal behind it is to make enough money to move his mother out of the house in which he grew up and she still lives. Young Noah is one of seven children, and his father abandoned the family when he was young. His mother works a difficult, far way job with income well below the poverty line, and still lives in the trap.

Young Noah grew up in the trap, and spoke about how he hates that rappers glorify it, because there is nothing good about it. All of the proceeds from his new album will go to moving his mother out of her house and into a new home.

“If you’re my fan, if you’re my friend, if you care about me, if you care about the things I care about I want you to buy this album. I don’t want a donation. I don’t want no help. I want you to buy this album and I’m gonna take that money and I’m gonna move my mom out of there.”

7 Hood Dynamics comes out this Friday, September 1st. You can get it on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play.

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