There is a season for everything.  This is especially true for Yaves with his release In Winter’s Ear.  The Sling Shot Media Group founder and artist, aka The Street Pastor, brings us the heat he talked about In Summer’s Ear!  So turn off the thermostat because this will keep you warm as the temperature drops.

Yaves comes out swinging with “Rumble Young Man” as we are confronted with Matthew 23:11-12:

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.  And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

This is a great introduction to the rest of the project as he touches on his struggles as an artist and addresses issues that society is facing.  “I just wanna be great! Who’s the greatest among us?”

“Revolver” hits the heart like a target.  Keisha Solei begins the track with soulful words about identity as a believer as Yaves picks up his slingshot with 16 stones (bars), hitting “Stupidity” in between the eyes.  “How you cop J’s and your bills ain’t paid?”

Zoë Boston gives vocal smoothness to the melodic sounds of “Down Bad.”  Yaves gets very transparent with the listener about emotional struggles and how “The problem is with the heart.”

The truth of which believers are in Christ is the forefront of “Say That!”  Yaves, Dee-1, and Sivion bring us a boost of encouragement with a track that we can put on blast as we shout from the rooftops, “let the redeemed of the Lord say that!”

Good Lord” continues the narrative in the struggle in Yaves’s life in this season with temptations and authenticity.  King Vada brings some meat to the track as they both speak on pressing through and getting strong.  This brings us to the “Chains And Whips” interlude as we take a look at the injustice in our society and brings us to the close to this season.

There is opportunity to reflect as seasons change and this project is no exception as Yaves provides a vivid picture of a time in his life when it almost ended as a part of an attempted murder.  As he talks about his life was forever changed in “Blood Covered Snow,” we can reflect on how thankful we can be for each day…each moment we’ve been given.

I always appreciate how Yaves lays out stories for us as a message and opportunity to hear the good news.  While winter can be a difficult season, we can look forward to what is In Easter’s Ear hopefully as we are “Chasing Forever!”

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