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I Got’em Got’em Boy you know I Got’em

Chosen by The Lord I’m a real dude
So stop throwing stones at me like Geodude
Said his name 3 times like Pikachu
I was something only the master could capture like a MewTwo (haha)
What you ain’t heard of me before?
Forget bout me I pray you meet The Lord
Son shine the galaxy has never seen before
The planets couldn’t plan it
That solar beam’ll leave Venus Soar (Venusaur)
The house always wins something I won’t bet up on
What if we set a free butter free (ButterFree) come n see the rock we met up on (MetaPod)
Chicago always been rill
Flows a reflection of him it won’t never be drill (Bedrill)
Haters trippin like tell me where The Lord at
Stop sleeping on em like a Snorlax
This was brewed outta passion
Eyes get Misty when I see his beauty for Ashes