Artist: Von Won
Production: Sypreme
Release Date:
Label: Def Vibe/Asylum/Warner Bros.
Hometown: South Houston,TX
Bio/Notes: After grinding in the streets of Houston, TX with his secular rap debut, “Money Already Made,” Von Won quickly found out that living the superstar high life did not bring the satisfaction he was seeking. But it wasn’t long before this Rice University graduate found himself a disciple of Christ with a desire to serve God. Five years later, Von landed a deal with Much Luvv Records, emerged with his national solo debut, “Answering the Call.”
With the lyrics and punch lines of a solid east coast lyricist, catchy southern drawl of his H-Town (Houston, TX) upbringing and US Virgin Island roots, Von’s sound is uniquely different than anyone else. His ability to rap and sing harmonies, break up the monotony most rappers rarely overcome. He is driven by a desire to reach a dying world in need of salvation. His message is simple, surrender to Christ and begin “Answering the Call.” His new album “All-American Felon” with Def Vibe Gospel/Asylum a partner with Warner Bros. Music is sure to be a global success.
Always under the microscope for his approach to Holy Hip Hop, Von Won releases “Don’t Hate On My Jesus Swag”, a phrase being pushed hard in Houston by hzmministries.org. With radio played lined up on secular radio stations, Von Won is ready to bring the message of Christ directly to the streets. So his message to the streets and the church is, “Don’t Hate On My Jesus Swag!” “Let me do me!”