Later this year, Uzuhan will release two more of these small mini-albums, as he calls them. One of the main reasons that he decided to release multiple small projects instead of a single full-length album is because many people will no longer listen to entire albums. “I felt like mini-albums are the best way for people to hear what you have to say. They’ll listen to all the songs.”

The next projects will be parts two and three of Uzuhan. “I have Joey Jewish and nobigdyl on one song. Dáramólá is going to be on the album. I have a K-Pop friend, and the usual suspects on my features.”

Coming soon also will be a new music video, directed by award-winner Will Thomas.

In the future, Uzuhan said that listeners can expect a “focus towards empowering and giving a voice to Asian-Americans, and the music is going to be super dope.”

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