“Shallow” is the second track on Uzuhan: Flight 1 and is about “being considerate and trying to remind yourself that these [immigrants] are people trying their best as they know how.” It features Korean-American singer Ruth Cho whose voice Uzuhan is very impressed by.

The third and final song is called “Throwing Me a Sign” and is a song to men about not being afraid to approach a woman that you are attracted to.

On the way back from a wedding, “My friend was telling me about how he was in contact with some of these girls [he met there], they were texting him and stuff, and ‘Yeah, they’re great, but I really want to hear from this other girl.’ I was like ‘Bro, you must be out of your mind, you didn’t even talk to her.’ He was like ‘Yeah, I did. [When] we were at dinner, she was laughing at all of my jokes, thought I was really funny. She was throwing me a sign.’”

When Uzuhan heard him say that, he loved the phrase and wanted to make a song about it. With the song, he seeks to “encourage guys to ask a girl on a date if she is throwing you these signs that she is interested… Being bold and courageous is not having a lack of fear but it’s still moving forward even though you feel fear.”