“The meaning of Uzuhan is a Romanized Korean word for excellent. It’s kind of like a motto or an anthem for people who aren’t satisfied with good enough, people who want to pursue excellence.”

Formerly known as J. Han, with this new name Uzuhan wants people to know that he has gotten older and that his identity as a music artist has grown. “I want to be more vulnerable, more relatable, speaking especially to the lives of Asian-Americans. I really want to champion the Asian-American voice and represent them.”

Uzuhan: Flight 1 is part one of three mini-albums that he is releasing. “With my songs, the whole entire mini-albums, I want to give a voice to immigrants. The parents of second generation immigrants. Especially me being Korean-American, I want to explore what it means to be Korean living in America.”

“Thats me when I was in middle school,” said Uzuhan about the album artwork. “My roommate is an illustrator, so he illustrated that picture.” The cover of Uzuhan: Flight 1 merges two illustrations, that of young James Han in the foreground and the mountains of South Korea in the background.