Urban D. (aka “Pastor Tommy” of Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida), recently released a book and album titled “Rebuild”, which is about how to rebuild your life, your church, and your community based on the story of the Nehemiah from the Bible.  Now you can get all kinds of free resources to go along with the book and album, including…

Small Group Curriculum

  • 5-week small group video curriculum
  • ReBuild Notes (Worksheets)
  • Building Blocks (Discussion Guides)
Message Series on Nehemiah:
  • 5 sermon transcripts
  • 5 sermon outlines
  • Artwork
  • Promo and bumper videos
These are excellent materials for pastors, youth pastors and leaders.
It’s all free!  Just go to www.urband.org and sign up!
Here is a sample of the first week of the small group video curriculum: