He is known for his hit single “Until I Pass Out”, but before Uncle Reece was worshiping until he passed out, he was caught up in a whole lot of mess. Get to know him and his testimony during part one of his Testimony: A Musician’s Story. Find out how to win an autograph copy of his debut album “Bold” at www.testimonystories.com


  • [2:42] – Parents gave him the choice to find God for himself
  • [4:30] – Skipping school and doing his own thing
  • [8:09] – Being a party promoter and rapper
  • [10:52] – Meeting someone who helped lead him towards Christ
  • [14:50] – Pretending to be a Christian to holla at a girl
  • [19:36] – His t-shirt company and President Obama
  • [22:25] – Really worshiping until he passed out at church and freaking out the congregation