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Ty Brasel, born, Tyler Alan Brasel, was the third child born of four siblings to Jill Patton and Tim Brasel. Although he was born in the great city of Memphis, the danger of inner city violence forced his parents to reside in a city with a lower crime rate, the city of Olive Branch, MS. While growing up, Ty was always known to be the class clown and the troublemaker, the one who would get you in trouble and then make you laugh about it. He was attracted to attention and loved a chance at being in the spotlight. As he began to grow, the consistent discipline of his parents began to affect his behavior in a positive way, and he kept his personality but learned to respect his elders and obey them (somewhat). Things were looking brighter for him until around the age of 10, when Ty’s parents divorced after 12 years of marriage. This had a tremendous effect on his life and attitude towards it. As he began to distance himself from his family and friends, he began searching for his identity, and what he found would change his life forever.

The hip-hop culture was very popular at the time, but Ty was just a spectator to occasional BET Music videos and radio stints when he could sneak into his mom’s car. It was almost as if he began to see his life through the lens of the rappers and started to interpret and internalize everything according to hip-hop culture. He became addicted and occasional music videos turned into a daily pattern. The music began to shape and mold Ty and even influenced the people he became friends with over the course of his middle and high school years. As he began to mature and started to gain understanding and insight into what the rappers were saying and what they really meant with their lyrics, the hip-hop worldview took on a whole new meaning for Ty.

Around the summer after 9th grade, Ty was introduced to marijuana, the same drug that most of the rappers talked about in their songs. He only planned to try it once, but after one high, the addiction began and the drug habit became an everyday part of his life. Since he now felt as if he fit in with the rappers that he always looked up to, it was time to listen closer and assimilate all the more, after all, that was his ultimate source of joy. Over the next three years of his high school career, he balanced a position as quarterback of the high school team and drug fiend/womanizer. It came to a point where the weed was not doing the job, so Ty began popping pills to try and fill the void. He then realized that if he would just do as the rappers do and sell the drugs, he wouldn’t have to keep paying so much to use them, so he began to sell Xanax bars, tabs, Ecstasy pills, and marijuana. He now felt as if he had the world in his hands, and he was finally good enough to say he was just like his role models. Money, drugs, women, and notoriety defined Ty for the latter half of his high school years.

Of course all good things must come to a close (so they say). After multiple run-ins with the police, as well as his parents finding out about his drug problem, Ty’s rapper lifestyle came to a brash end. When everything he ever knew was taken away from him, and he could no longer continue in cahoots with the hip-hop culture, he began to search for answers. All of a sudden, when he lost everything he once held dear, the meaningful questions about life began to penetrate his thoughts, day in and day out. Is there really a God? Are angels and demons real? What is my purpose in life? What is the Jesus guy everyone always talks about? Why can’t we see God if he’s real? How did this beautiful creation originate? He just had too many questions and not enough answers. Until one day, he cried out to God, “If you’re real God, please just show me,” and that very same day, he had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ. (Too long of a story to go in to detail at the moment), but after that day, his life was changed forever, the way he was meant to originally.

Ty went off to college at Ole Miss and began to slide back into some of his former ways including smoking, drinking, and partying, but the Lord was still with him during the whole journey. After a few weeks of school, he and his friend decided that they were way past due towards their dreams of being famous rappers, so they started a duo rap group entitled the “Comftable Kidz.” Their unique style of music, as well as their unique appearance being bi-racial, caused them to see instant success. Record after record, they received great critical acclaim, but deep inside, Ty knew that he was supposed to be using his gift to glorify God and that the music he was making now was the exact opposite of that. The conviction grew so strong that after a year of musical endeavors with his friend as the Comftable Kidz, he knew it was time to make a change and give his life to God wholeheartedly and serve him and use his gifts to glorify his savior Jesus Christ.

Ty stepped out on faith and decided to leave college to go home and make music for God. He came home with no vehicle, no money, no particular plan, no job, and no backing or support for his music, just him and Jesus (and of course his mama). His purpose began to unfold right in front of his eyes and door after door began to open, and he was blessed with a good paying job, where he launched his clothing line (Pure Clothing). He also received a free vehicle (unbelievable miracle), a connection to the best gospel music studio in Memphis TN, and show after show, connect after connect, things began to come to pass. He trusted Jesus and Jesus did the rest. Now Tyler is over 50+ performances in, a highly successful music video under his belt (Hope Dealer), various radio appearances, a debut mixtape with 14+ high quality songs, and his faith and anointing stronger than ever. Through Ty’s life and ministry, he just hopes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can transform lost souls into warriors for God, and that the truth of God will be made known to all nations. May The God of Peace be with you, Christ Bless.

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