Tre9 prepares for the March 26th launch of “Missionary Minded,” his fourth and final album as a Christian rap artist.  Leading up to the final week of the release, he will drop his third video from the project entitled, “Slow It Down.”  Collaborating with secular artists PyRexx on his first video and now with Bun B on his third, he is certainly not taking the same approach as most missionaries.  “I work with those who demonstrate a heart to serve and love on the youth,  but not just in words, rather with actions.  Bun B has spent time with me speaking to youth in both small and large settings, and I am certain that this collaboration will allow my message of hope in Christ to reach more than Christians,” explains Tre.  “While I stand against most of the songs my mainstream counterparts promote, my missional strategy is to reach the world beyond my music listeners.  This is an injection into the mainstream world of hip hop that I hope touches at least one and exposes them to the gospel.” 

This is part 1 of 2 videos taking viewers behind the scenes of the making of “Slow It Down.”  The final video will be available within the next 10-15 days. 

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