Director of A&R at Reach Records is your current title, CONGRATS! What led to your appointment in this role?

Thank you! Well, I’ve been working with Reach as a producer since Lecrae’s ‘Rehab’ album. I’ve worked with most of the artists on the roster. After getting some traction there as well as producing with mainstream acts like T.I., Nicki Minaj, it was a natural progression to step into an executive role and help develop talent and curate projects. I’ve always been more of a “producer” than a “beat maker,” so it was a blessing to be given the opportunity to really grow into this role.

What weight does this title carry for Ace and what strategy would you consider key?

It’s definitely a lot of responsibility and a lot that comes with it but I just try to steward it well. I strive to be mindful of the Legacy and culture that’s been built here at Reach and also growing from that foundation to push the label forward, both musically and culturally.

Salute for signing 1K Phew and Aha Gazelle!

Which sounds, styles or mash-ups are on your radar right now?

We are super excited to have both 1K Phew and Aha on the roster. Really Aha was on board before I started so that was already in motion. Working with 1K Phew has been fun as well. They both have great energy and an ear for their audience. They have a pulse on the culture that is spot on. Plus, they are really cool people too, who help broaden the roster and engage new audiences and infiltrate new territory.

I’m always looking for quality production, great hook ideas. So that is a constant. But I always tell producers and writers to listen to the artists they are submitting for and send the music that they believe would help elevate that artists’ brand. The goal is to make music that we believe in and that people will want to play over and over. With so much music out there, always strive to excite.

We know that you’ve attended Dynamic Producer’s BEAT Royale event and you’re a featured speaker at the upcoming Creator’s Retreat event. Why do you think their events in particular are worthwhile?

They are great because they give producers a chance to showcase what they think is dope and survey the landscape of other dope producers. Iron sharpens irons.

We see you have released some crazy dope projects (Lecrae ‘ATWT,’ KB ‘Today We Rebel,’ 1K Phew ‘Never Too Late‘). Anything upcoming we should be on the lookout for – albums, tours, etc?

Aha Gazelle’s Trilliam 3 is out now! That dude is super creative and calculated, he’s super special. Tedashii got some fire coming out really soon! We’ve been in the studio going hard since July. GAWVI has been in the studio working as well. It’s exciting times at Reach.