Christian hip-hop pioneer & Grammy award-winning artist, TobyMac, is dropping his new album, ‘This Is Not A Test,’ on August 7. ‘This Is Not A Test’ features Christian hip-hop artist NF, whose latest album (‘Mansion’) debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Christian Albums and No. 9 on Billboard Rap Albums. NF is on TobyMac’s song titled “Til The Day I Die.”

Toby recently spoke on “Til The Day I Die” Ft. NF in a recent interview with Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago. He hopes it inspires listeners to serve the king for their entire life.

“It started with a press conference,” TobyMac said in his interview on Jam The Hype LIVE With Chris Chicago (Episode 591).

“We made this little press conference interlude of people kind of asking me different questions, some silly and some serious. The last question was ‘Man, you’ve been going at this for a while. How much more you think you got in you?’ You know, when you’ve done it for a while like me, you get that question a lot. I’ve just been answering people lately, the last couple of years, ‘Man I’m going to do it until the day I die. I’m going to serve the king with music until the day I die.’ That’s kind of where the song came from and I hope it encourages and inspires everybody to serve the king until the day they die.”

TobyMac gave NF props for his stellar work ethic. NF delivered his verse on Mac’s album under a strict deadline. TobyMac was feeling NF’s 16 bars and believes the emotion of the song is in them. Lines like “You say you doing work but you asking where the couch at. How you doing work when you’re asking where the couch at” defines passionate servants of the king to him. Toby probably wouldn’t have said it the way NF did but he loves the way he said it, because if you’re passionate you’re grinding it out everyday to make music that inspires people.

“I talked to him and said ‘What do you think man. This is a fast turnaround. I got to have it in two days.’ The next morning he texted me, he goes ‘I got this thing.’ I went to the studio. I didn’t want to hear anything. I didn’t want to see anything written. I just wanted to hear him step up and spit it. That boy spat it. I was shocked. He killed it. I’m really happy to have him on the record. I love his passion. I love sort of the mystery in his music. There is almost a darkness to it but like a dark tunnel with light at the end. I just love what he did to this song. He caught the emotion of the song. It’s a different kind of track. I call it a brewing track. NF just comes and just murders the third verse.”

TobyMac is well-known for using the art of rapping to reach millions and changing the Christian music industry. The Christian hip-hop pioneer brought a new sound to the table with legendary group DC Talk and as the co-founder of Gotee records, an imprint that two-time Grammy nominated hip-hop duo GRITS called home. His opinion on Christian hip-hop related matters holds weight. He told Chris Chicago of Jam The Hype who his top 3 Christian hip-hop artists are right now. He included Andy Mineo, Lecrae, and NF in his list.

“I think that everybody out there would have to put Andy [Mineo] at the top of their list. When I listen to his record, I just love it. I absolutely murdered Lecrae’s new record in my system. I think his record is dope. I think he has the right guest artists on it. I think it’s fresh. It’s funny, me and my kids the other day were listening to old Lecrae, and like I just can’t believe how much he is flipping it from the early stuff. The early stuff was dope but it was kind of simple and now it’s so complex and so sort of art forward. The concepts are more layered. I don’t know, I just love Lecrae’s new record. I know that’s the obvious one that everybody would say. I’m the guy that has been doing it for a while that I hate when people hate on the obvious. I’m pro Lecrae 100%. I have to say, and I don’t think it’s just because he is on my record, but I really enjoy NF’s record. I think right now, I think his time could be now.”

Many are wondering if TobyMac will get back into signing hip-hop artists. Toby is gearing up to reveal a hip-hop artist he is working with soon.

“Look, there are a lot of great rappers coming out right now, more than ever before, it’s an exciting time. For Gotee, we are just looking at it going, this is our dream. It’s finally happening and we feel like we’re a little behind right now because we sort of started chasing down Jamie Grace. When I say behind, I mean behind in the hip-hop game because we started chasing down some other things but don’t worry, I got one [A hip-hop artist]. I got one ready to come out pretty soon. I’m going to keep it close to the chest right now but it’s coming.”

Listen to the full TobyMac interview in episode 591 of Jam The Hype LIVE With Chris Chicago, which is below.

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Who are your top 3 Christian hip-hop artists?