Today, a story on MC Jin by Traci G. Lee  was published on NBC NEWS’ website. In the Jin interview, his rise to fame, low points, and recent successes are documented.

MC Jin is very transparent about various seasons in his life.

“It was out of not only frustration and bitterness, but also out of reality,” MC Jin said in the NBC NEWS article titled ‘The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of MC Jin.’ “I was approaching my mid-to-late-20s, and I was thinking about my future. I didn’t want to just be this depressed, non-successful rapper for the rest of my life.”

Read the full story on NBC NEWS.

Jin released his album, XIV:LIX, in 2014. Also, he dropped a visual for the XIV:LIX-track “Complicated,” which features Hollis, who is on Macklemore’s song “White Walls.”