What’s up fam! My name is Adrian Potts, a.k.a “The Luminary”. My journey to do the work of the Lord began on July 19, 1978(dob). This would be the first of many days that would define my life, and began the quest to discover the purpose for my existence.

As I was being delivered out of my mother’s womb, the doctor discovered that a bone in my leg was broken. Shortly after, the doctor’s told my mother that I had a rare bone condition known as, osteo-genesis improfecta (bones imperfect from birth). In short, because of a lack of collagen (agent of elasticity) my bones where brittle. Meaning my bones lacked certain ability to give and bend, causing my bones to be stiff and rigid. So, therefore anytime I was walking there was a chance I would break a bone in my leg – and I did, Eighty-four times! I have lived a life of isolation, pain, fear, and heartache.

The only friend that I truly had, other than my father, was the television. Television was my teacher. When I first began to acclimate myself to society – I had no social graces. I had no Idea what to do in any situation. My life consisted of acting out what I had seen on television. Needless to say, my social start was pretty messed up. I had a hard time relating to people and over time I became very bitter and of an evil heart. I wanted people to die. I actually wanted to kill people.

I hated life, people, god and myself. I blamed god. At night, I used to curse god. I would yell out, “Why did you make me this way?” “Why did I have to have this? @@..$ bone disease?” then, I would end my tirade at God with, “I hate you!” But, soon I discovered the truth, that it wasn’t God – it was the devil. He was the one doing this to me, and my most important revelation was – I was letting him do this. So, after a while I decided to really give my life to Jesus; I told god, “Okay god, if I serve you, you have to heal me.” This happened in 1997, and every since then I have not had one broken bone. Before 1997 I underwent fourteen surgeries, but after 1997 the only surgeries I have needed is with my spirit man. God proved to me that he was god and god alone.

So, why am I rapping? What am I telling all of this for? Well, it’s simple. I have known for quite sometime that the lord had a special call on my life. I just never knew how. After longtime sessions of consecration there were four things I found out about myself: 1. I have a gift to write, 2. I have a gift to rhyme, 3. I loved to share God’s word, 4. I didn’t want to be in the pulpit. I added these things together and it equaled “ILLUMINATED TRUTH MUSIC.”

Through years of consecrations and faithful service to the lord, I believe that the lord has blessed me with a special message just for you. What you are going to hear from “the luminary” is unlike anything you have ever heard before. You are not going to hear a lot about myself, but you will hear the uncompromised teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My gift is to be an encouragement to Christians and non-Christians. “We are a light that shines upon a hill and we cannot be hid”, Matthew 5.

Sometimes Christians need a “pick me up” and non-Christians need the truth. This is what my call is all about. Our friends, co-workers, supervisors, family members and the entire world needs to see a Christian’s zeal for Jesus, because there are people who need to be converted by the power of Christ and see our joy and as Christians.

I have been ministering through Holy Hip Hop for about 14 years.  I just released my first CD “Pieces of Light” produced by Crucial of 18 tracks of just FIRE! There is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

All my love Luminary
LightRaven Productions
Illuminated Truth Music