Tell The Truth brings a fresh new sound of hip-hop, with slices of dubstep thrown into the mix.  With feel good electro tracks such as “Hurricane” and “All The Way,” this album could definitely be danced to in a nightclub or played out on mainstream radio.  There are some excellent collaborations on tracks such as “Light Up The Night,” which features Guvna B and on “Fall Down,” featuring upcoming rapper Nu Breed.  Clear cut lyrics such as ‘‘pain reminds me I’m human’’ and ‘‘you sympathize with my weakness and put together my pieces’’ reflect the whole album concept of not being afraid to surrender everything to Jesus – even the broken pieces.

Twelve24 is certainly not afraid to wear their faith on their sleeve.  There’s a great interlude between tracks called “The Message” that gives the reason for the music to be “unashamedly about Jesus.”  It is hard to miss what these guys are all about!  Even at the end of the album, the last track called “The Response” is a chance to make a prayer of commitment to follow Jesus.

I was surprised to hear a new remix of “Freeze The Moment,” a track that was previously on Better Words.  Again, this is a more hardcore, fast paced track, which delivers a club feel to it.

The highlight of this album has to be the way the band honestly open up their own issues of fatherlessness, feelings of being an outcast, and finding love in a hopeless place: 

“I grew up that kid without love and daddy’s leaving and not coming home tonight//it’s my life I just fight just to breathe just to be//Inside I’m lying tell me what it’s all about//Rappers tell me to smell, burn and sell coke//my mama told me that life will give you no hope//…then you came like a knight shining in armour you said – Son, won’t you let me be your father?”

~ Lyrics off the title track: “Tell The Truth”

With beats as tight as the lyrics, a raw delivery, and non-stop uplifting tracks, Tell The Truth is the sound of a generation rising to meet the one who calls Himself ‘The Truth.’

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