Tauren Wells makes a comeback as the former front man of Royal Taylor in a new debut Tauren Wells Undefeated EP featuring the smooth vocals we came to love and some new aspects we haven’t yet heard before from Tauren. Throughout the EP he combines catchy melodies with exciting background synths and groves- showing a more soulful vibe through his music. Tauren also showcases his diverse musical style ranging from acoustic to electronic sounds.

One of the best qualities of this new EP is how relatable it is. Tauren found a new way to connect with his audience by blending thoughtful lyrics with relatable life situations. It’s nice to find music that you can listen to and say “ Yup, that’s me. I get it. I’ve been there”, and Tauren reminds us that we are all human and go through Hills and Valleys in life, we don’t have to stray away from the situation we are in, but embrace that through it all, God is with us and we are not alone in our experiences.

Hills and Valleys (The Valleys Version)

This track opens with a beautiful piano balled. The instant Tauren’s voice comes in, you can feel the emotion sweep over you. This laidback arrangement continues with a sweet melodic cello line. You can hear the genuine emotion in his voice crying out to God for strength in every hill and valley. The bridge builds as he sings “ Father you give and take and take away, every joy and every pain, through it all you remain”. The simple production gives Tauren the room to shine through his smooth vocals that are guaranteed to give you chills and want to hear more from Tauren.

Hills and Valleys (The Hills Remix) 

Tauren creates a beautiful combination of toe tapping electronic music with worship. The production features his clear vocals and some light drum grooves. Tauren displays his effortless vocal range through his beautiful melodies and harmonies that emphasize his well thought out and crafted lyrics.  This song captures how God is with us in our hard times and in the good times. He sings in the chorus “ You’re God of the hills and valleys and I am not alone” reminding us that no matter what we face, we can be confident God is right here with us.

Love is Action

He begins the EP with Love is Action fueled with catchy groves and clever production. Tauren sings “love is action” challenging the audience to take charge of our actions and show love. This track is one you want to listen to as you drive on a sunny day with windows down going down the freeway singing “ oooo love is action”. Tauren’s voice shines with the upbeat lyrics and melodic hooks of this track.

Undefeated (ft. KB)

There is a reason why this is the title track of this EP. This track brings in a new flavor for the eclectic music pallet, mixing in hip-hop, soul, and electronic movements throughout. KB brings Tauren’s EP to a new height through syncopation and complex rhythmic flares. This song begs to be listened to again and again to really catch all of the cleaver and creative production that deserves our attention… and who’s not excited to hear a feature from KB with Tauren!

Never Gonna Let Me Go

Never Gonna Let Me Go changes the mood by bringing in a funky bassline that will bring you to a head-bopping toe-tapping ready zone.  This is the dancing track you’ve been waiting for, the one that’s going to have you moving before you know it. He uses driven and dynamic counterpoints to capture your attention. As Tauren sings “I’m ready to chase the impossible” you can get the feeling that you can too go and chase your dreams and you just might get ahold of what you thought was impossible in your own life.

The overall message of this EP travels through day to day emotions from his hit single Hills and Valley’s where he sings about how God is with us in every situation, to Undefeated where he encourages us push through life’s difficulties and stand strong. This is one EP to look out for, you might just find yourself a new spring jam or travel mix! One thing is for sure, we don’t want to miss what Tauren is going to do next!