I wrote the song “Breathe” during a time in my life of great adversity.  It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when the circumstances of this world are swirling all around you…. sometimes you feel like you’re just smothering in attacks from the Enemy.  But as a Christian, it’s in these exact moments that our Heavenly Father comes to the rescue and says, “Relax, I’ve got this…. just slow down and take a deep breath…and start over again.”  It is my prayer that these songs serves as a reminder to us all that during life’s greatest storms “All you gotta do is BREATHE” and call on the name of the Lord!

T-Ran Gilbert

Toured in six countries and three continents. Viewed over 1.4 million times on YouTube.  Nominated for a Dove Award.  Rotated nationally on UPtv, TBN and the MTV circuit.  Appeared in network television and feature film.

International recording artist T-Ran Gilbert is known for shifting the atmosphere of whatever platform he has been given.  With performances in the U.S. and abroad, T-Ran Gilbert is an ambassador of a new era in Contemporary Christian music.

Based in Nashville, T-Ran Gilbert has shared stages with many national artists:  Shania Twain, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin and Kool & The Gang, to name a few. The boy who started out singing on the kitchen table at the age of three, has grown into a full-time master of his craft as a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and Evangelist.

He is currently captivating audiences with songs from his Live And Not Die EP while headlining the annual, promotional Live And Not Die (L.A.N.D.) Tour, presented by 22Visionz Entertainment.  Meanwhile, in the studio, he’s putting finishing touches on his game-changing follow-up Album, The Imprint.

Never forgetting his struggles as a youth, he has taken his life-affirming message to the streets and even teamed up with Dr. Arun Gundhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, for a “Season of Non-Violence Tour.”  T-Ran Gilbert’s positive message and music is penetrating lives around the globe–and he has only just begun!

For more information, visit T-RanGilbert.com or call (423) 228-0763.