Grammy award-winning artist, Lecrae, has received negative judgments for using hip-hop to spread the Gospel, collaborations with mainstream rappers, symbols in his music videos, and more.

Legendary hip-hop journalist, Sway Calloway (Sway In The Morning), recently expressed that he doesn’t understand some of the criticism Lecrae receives from the Church in an interview with KB of Reach Records.

Sway was unaware that Lecrae got a lot of backlash from people for his work until KB told him about it.

“I just don’t understand that judgement,” Sway said. “I mean Lecrae’s work is changing lives. It’s changing minds or it’s at least triggering minds to think. It’s challenging minds. You can be a rapper and not curse. You can have a message that’s not derogatory.”

KB conveyed why he thinks Crae gets a lot of backlash.

“Lecrae gets a lot of backlash from people,” KB said. “Some folks just really struggle with what he does. There are people in the Church that the whole idea of hip-hop and rap, it’s just not having it. People always judge themselves by their intentions but they judge you by your actions. So they don’t care anything about where your heart may be. They just say, ‘I thought I saw that and that’s what it’s going to be.’ So he gets a lot of backlash from Churchy people sometimes.”

Start at 16:00 to hear about the backlash against Lecrae. [Warning: Explicit Language]

Over the last few years, the Sway In The Morning team has supported Reach Records and Christian hip-hop in general. Artists like Lecrae, KB, Andy Mineo, Dee-1, and MC Jin, among others have appeared on the program.

On June 2, 2015, KB made his first appearance on Sway In The Morning. He spoke on the Caitlyn Jenner news, Christian hip-hop, ‘Tomorrow We Live,’ and more in his interview with Sway.

‘Tomorrow We Live’ debuted at #4 in the Billboard Rap Albums category.

What do you think about the backlash against Lecrae? 

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