Christian Hip-Hop’s Reactions To Super Bowl 52 (Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New England Patriots)

Today, the Philadelphia Eagles, an organization with a lot of history (a Philadelphia institution since their beginning in 1933), are attempting to bring the great city of Philly its first Vince Lombardi trophy.

The Eagles are the underdogs in their 2018 Super Bowl appearance against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

Brady is looking to cement his legacy even more than he has in the past. The 3-time NFL MVP, is seeking his sixth Super Bowl ring and a chance to strengthen his case for “Greatest QB Ever,” which is already strong. What kind of Super Bowl history will we witness today? Time will tell.

Below are Christian Hip-Hop’s reactions to Super Bowl 52 (commercials and halftime show as well) as it is happening! (Featured Image Via Facebook)

Thoughts on the game?

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