“Steven Malcolm is a 25-year old kid from Grand Rapids who grew up loving to play basketball and found Jesus in 2010. [I] Did music as a hobby, but after serving the Lord and getting to know who Jesus was, I wanted to use my gift to serve God and serve the church.”

Steven Malcolm was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but moved with his mother to Florida at a young age due to his father being caught with illegal drugs. Instead of being imprisoned in the United States, his father was deported back to his home country of Jamaica. After seven years in Tampa, Florida, Steven and his mother moved back to Michigan, where their family lived. He has lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan since he was in fifth grade, about fifteen years ago.

He grew up with his mother and sister; his mother was an alcoholic for most of his childhood. For male role models, Malcolm looked up to basketball players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, as well as hip-hop artists. Throughout his youth, basketball and hip-hop were among his favorite things.