Sitting in church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the pastor preached about SIN and it changed Speez’s life.

He had no idea that he had done all those things against God’s approval. That visit to church that Sunday morning was more than just tradition.

Born in Chicago, Speez comes from a long line of musicians. His grandfather was not only responsible for bringing The Jackson 5 to Chicago for the first time ever but he was also credited for dunning Aretha Franklin, “The Queen of Soul.” With all of these accomplishments, plaques, books and records that reminded him of his family’s history/success, it was hard for him not to have the desire to be successful as well.

Growing up in the heavy gang culture in Chicago and even having brothers that were gang members, Speez would write music to pass the time and stay out of trouble. At the age of 15 they moved to the city of Houston and the music that was popular in the “H” was something he gravitated towards.

He would stay in his room piecing songs and samples from old records together to create new beats for countless hours at a time. He would download programs and basically teach himself how to make beats. That slow hard bass riding music sound that Houston had was something he fell in love with.

While out at an event, he was passing out his “beat cd” (that was handwritten on with a sharpie), somehow it got into the hands of the head A&R of Swishahouse Records. From there, Speez began to make a name for himself as a producer in the city of Houston.

At this time, Swishahouse Records was like the Young Money of the south. Everyone who was with the label instantly became stars overnight seemingly. Speez ended up producing records for not only Paul Wall but also Mike Jones (who?), Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Killa Kyleon and many other artist that were known in Houston.

One night in the studio with Scarface and Mannie Fresh, Speez looked around and couldn’t believe that he was in the same room with legends. This inspired him go even harder with the music.


When Speez produced the song “Girl” for Paul Wall, that’s when things began to change.

In January 2006, Atlantic records released “Girl” and it peaked at #35 on “The Billboard Hot 100” which not only went on to become a Gold selling single but also his highest chart topping single to date. Producing two records on this album, Speez helped it become #1 on Billboard 200 and on Billboard Top R&B/HipHop Albums. It sold 176,000 copies in the first week.

After this, they tried to sign him to a long term deal but he was more interested in becoming a rap artist/producer himself. Seeing his potential that was proven, they told him, “You could be the next Kanye West of Swishahouse.” After all, they were both from Chicago and also both producers for that album.

Speez started performing as a solo artist in clubs, being invited to various video shoots and becoming more into the scene of Houston’s nightlife. However, Speez began to feel empty and knew there was something missing but couldn’t figure out what it was.


“Success never comes alone” –Speez

Pursuing his own career, he distanced himself from labels, artists and people who needed more than they could give. Sensing emptiness, his passion for that kind of music began to fade.

Throughout all of this, he was dating a young lady that lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia whose father happened to be a minister. He would make several trips to see her throughout the year and she would take him to church with her. Around the fifth visit, he walked into church with her and the pastor began to preach about sin. One the edge of his seat, he felt a conviction he had never felt before.

He wasn’t aware that what he was doing and how he was living was against God’s will. He had heard those same words before but for some reason it was different this time. That day in Virginia Beach, he walked away from it all and surrendered his life to the Lord.

His first time ever meeting GS (I’M DOIN’ JESUS owner/artist) was when he was getting out of jail. Speez’s friend was picking him up from jail and asked Speez to ride and so he did. Years later, Speez heard GS was doing “kingdom music” and reached out to him on facebook. After months and months of building, in 2013 Speez signed to I’M DOIN’ JESUS!

“Speez is going to be one of the greatest artists to do this music, just watch. Lyrically he is a beast and well, on production he has proven himself so that shouldn’t even be questioned” said GS.

Speez has an EP Tomorrow May Be Too Late due to release on September 2 which will not only showcase his production and lyrical abilities but also his successes, pain and struggles.

When asked about his EP, Speez had this to say, “I’m excited to finally do what God created me for, to reach people through my music. But this time, its kingdom music”.

Checkout his NEW SINGLE “WildOut” Featuring GS

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