Wolverhampton, West Midlands rapper Soloman Gehazi drops the second instalment of his Street Gospel Mixtape in conjunction with the legendary Uk runnings mixtapes series. Street Gospel Vol. 2 is hosted by DJ Tricksta and features production from Termite and Nangfood as well as featured artist such as D7, The Praying Mantis, Corban and many more. 25 tracks for you to sink your teeth into enjoy.

01. Intro (feat. Tricksta)
02. Shut It Down
03. Christ Life (feat. D7 & The Praying Mantis)
04. Wolves 2 London (feat. D7 & DJ Amo)
05. Grown Man Biznizz (feat. D7)
06. Creation (feat. Tommy Oliver)
07. Promise Land Feat. Deonne (Prod by Nangfood)
08. Lyrical Mastery
09. Jugganauts (feat. T33k1d, The Praying Mantis, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy & D7)
10. Let My People Know (feat. Young Weddaz)
11. Water To Lemonade
12. Take You Away
13. Praise (feat. Alex Campbell & Radical)
14. Ten Commandments
15. Truthful Perspectives (Revised)
16. Mr. Militant Atheist
17. The Carnage
18. To The Scene Part 1
19. To The Scene Part 2
20. Real Hip Hop Music (feat. D7)
21. Dusty Winter
22. My Life (feat. Alex Campbell & Wiggz)
23. When You Go (feat. Corban)
24. Lord Keep Me (feat. Tommy Oliver & Radical)
25. Outro (feat. Tricksta)

Grown Man Biznizz: Produced by Viggers
Promise Land: Produced by Nangfood
Dusty Winter: Produced by Termite
When You Go: Produced by Mastaplanet

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