This song is the first single to the third studio album of Xist Music’s Sean Simmonds.

Three young women fight to find the meaning and beauty in their fractured lives, and discover that God had already created it inside of them. Touching on issues of identity, loneliness, single parenting, and teen pregnancy, “Masterpiece” is an emotional ride that may leave you fighting back waterworks.

In discussing the topics covered in the song, Sean Simmonds bared his heart. “People are dealing with so much negativity in life, and so many messages are speaking to us, telling us that we’re unworthy of love, unworthy of success, unworthy of God’s time and attention. I just felt it was time to tell people – especially women – that it’s ok to embrace the beauty that God created within each of us. He takes the broken situations that we’re in and somehow builds a monument to His glory – a magnificent work of art. A “MasterPiece”!

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