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Artist: Scott Lane
Featured: DJ Noble, J-Rambo
Production: K-Drama
Release Date:
Hometown: Hampton, Virginia
Bio/Notes: Scott Lane is the type of rapper that offers you visual music. He talks about the ups and downs of everyday life through stories and relatable topics to encourage listeners to find hope in the message of the Cross. Born in Alexandria, Va., Scott Lane was raised to love God and to do his best at whatever he pursued in life. In spite of his upbringing, Scott did not fully understand relationship and living a life of purpose with Christ until early adulthood. “Once I got to college I hooked up with the young adult ministries on campus. Seeing people my age excited about God and living it sparked me to want a life that had meaning in a way that God would be pleased.” From that point, Scott began to follow God toward the destiny that He had for him. Hip-Hop has always been a part of Scott Lane’s life. In 1998, Scott Lane began his journey as a lyricist. At the time is was just a hobby but as Scott grew in the Lord it became a ministry. “As I got older naturally and spiritually I realized that nothing could be more real than a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. So then that became my music. I try to put my life and my relationship with Jesus on paper and eventually on tracks for others to play and be blessed by. I want to win people over with the love and passion of Jesus Christ.” Scott Lane presents music with a message to reach both believers and those who don’t know Jesus. He has ministered through hip-hop for crowds of five and crowds of five thousand. Regardless the objective is still the same. For Scott Lane, the heart of ministry is to build communities through the gospel of Jesus Christ.