“I’m someone who wants to write music from a personal perspective, somebody who wants to encourage people and comfort those who have been afflicted, just challenge people to see God clearly and know Him for who He is.”

S.O. was born in Nigeria and made his first rap when he was six years old for his grandmother on her birthday. “I ain’t know what I was doing, the rest is history there.” He moved to the United Kingdom with his family when he was eight or nice years old. He first started recording music at age fifteen.

When S.O. was young, he went to church, but wanted to wait until he got older to serve God; he didn’t see many people his age serving God.

“I also thought nobody died when they were young so I’m good. Then one of my close friends passed away and after she died my world got flipped upside down.”

At that time, he was fifteen years old and “I saw my sin for what it was and the Lord just reminded me of his grace and his love and power.”