S.O. decided to celebrate his birthday by offering a present to his fans: the surprise release of not one but two new singles “Elder Road” and “Let it Out” ft J.Williams.  The new singles are accompanied by “Abuja”;  a remix of Trip Lee’s “Manolo”.

“I celebrated my 26th birthday. Thank the Lord for keeping me for this long. I could be dead (just last week I was so close to being in a fatal car accident) or knee deep in sin. Not only has the Lord kept me, He has also saved me. He freely gifted me with salvation – the best gift one could receive – so what is it for me to gift my fans with new songs? I hope you enjoy!” – S.O.

The Lamp Mode artist is gearing up for a busy  2015. He will start off with a Spring trip to the US in February and March, then off to Australia, the U.K. and South Africa. He will plan to spend the Summer months back in the U.S. and finishing out the year with a world tour.

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