“I love spending time with my wife. I love spending time with my son. Family means everything to me.”

Roy Tosh and his wife have a non-profit group called C.F.I. Ministries, with C.F.I. being an acronym for Created For Intimacy. “I believe every individual, God created them in his image to be in a personal relationship with Himself, and apart from that life is ultimately meaningless.”

“I’m super-grateful for what the Lord has done. I don’t take it for granted. It’s incredible to me.”

For fun, Roy Tosh loves basketball and fishing. “I could fish I think every day of the week. If I ever get a boat its gonna be trouble. I could stay out there all day man, it’s so peaceful to me.” He has played basketball since his youth and continues to play in the present. “I love playing basketball. I absolutely love it. I’m a little too competitive sometimes.”

“I would love to connect with anyone on my social media.” You can keep up with Roy Tosh on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.

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