Death Before Love had many features from rappers and singers such as Je’kob, Reconcile, J. Paul, Alex Faith, Canton Jones, and Black Knight, as well as six others. “I’ve always wanted to feature a lot of people and on the mixtape [The Revert, from 2014] we did not have a lot of features.”

“I’ll talk about Reconcile, man. That dude, I love his heart.” BenJah contacted Reconcile and told him that Roy Tosh wanted to work with him, and “Out of the blue he [Reconcile] just calls me and we start talking about nothing music-related, just getting to know me as a person. I think that’s always when it’s most special, working out or relationships with people.”

When he got to know Je’kob, they were able to relate to each other well as both being new fathers. In the first few months, taking care of a new baby is an around-the-clock job. “I literally was delusional at times. Like ‘What day is it?’ So we would text and email each other back and forth like ‘How you doing bro? I’m praying for you. You’re gonna get through this…’” Roy Tosh’s song featuring Je’kob is “Take Off”, the last song on the album.