“I see myself as a storyteller. I’m constantly growing, constantly learning new things about myself as an artist and one of the things about me, I always want to push the limits with every single project.”

Jeff McIntosh grew up in a Christian household, and “I would say I knew a lot about God, but I didn’t know Him personally.” He says that he “went off the deep end” in high school. He was a popular guy and a great basketball player, getting a full-ride scholarship to play basketball in college. Basketball was very important to him and has been prevalent in his family, with both his father and uncle having played the sport in college. “It really kind of defined me as a person. I found my identity in what I did.”

“I was kind of a basketball jock. Had a lot of popularity, all that stuff. Honestly I was just empty inside.”

He says that in high school, “For me, life was all about me. I lived for myself. I lived for what felt good. I chased pleasure and girls was a huge part of that.” He says that he viewed women as objects for pleasure and said that watching pornography and listening to hip-hop, among other things, played roles in that.